Breaking Schedule at the 2024 Summer Olympics

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris is set to feature an exciting new addition to its lineup of events: Breaking. This dynamic and highly athletic dance form, which originated from hip-hop culture, will make its Olympic debut at the iconic Place de la Concorde venue. The competition is scheduled to take place over two days, from August 9th to 10th, and will showcase the skills of 32 talented competitors from around the world.

Breaking Schedule at the 2024 Summer Olympics

Venue and Dates

The Breaking events will be held at the Place de la Concorde, a historic square located in the heart of Paris. This venue, known for its stunning architecture and cultural significance, will provide a fitting backdrop for the high-energy performances of the breakers.

The competition will span two days:

  • Friday, August 9th
  • Saturday, August 10th

Event Schedule

The Breaking events will be divided into two sessions each day:

SessionStart Time (Local)Start Time (UTC)
Afternoon (A)16:0015:00
Evening (E)20:0019:00

Over the course of the two days, a total of two events will take place:

  1. B-Boys Qualification (Q)
  2. B-Boys Final (F)

The schedule for these events is as follows:

EventFri 9Sat 10

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A total of 32 competitors from various countries will participate in the Breaking events at the 2024 Summer Olympics. These athletes have earned their spots through rigorous qualifying events and represent the best breakers in the world. Spectators can expect to see a diverse range of styles, techniques, and creative performances as these talented individuals battle it out for Olympic glory.

The Significance of Breaking at the Olympics

The inclusion of Breaking in the 2024 Summer Olympics is a significant milestone for the dance form and the hip-hop community as a whole. It recognizes the athleticism, artistry, and dedication of breakers worldwide and provides them with a global platform to showcase their skills. This addition also highlights the evolving nature of the Olympic program, as it continues to embrace new and emerging sports that resonate with younger generations.

As the world’s attention turns to Paris in 2024, the Breaking events at the Place de la Concorde will undoubtedly be a major draw for fans and spectators alike. With its high-energy performances, incredible displays of strength and agility, and unique cultural heritage, Breaking is poised to make a lasting impact on the Olympic stage and inspire a new generation of athletes and dance enthusiasts around the globe.

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