Paris Olympics 2024 Mascot Phryges – Everything About the Official Mascot

The Paris Olympics 2024 mascot, Phryges, is not just a symbol but a captivating embodiment of the values and aspirations of the Games. These small yet mighty Phrygian cap-wearing characters carry profound significance, representing liberty, inclusivity, and the unwavering support for meaningful causes. With their vibrant colors and distinctive features, Phryges stand as a testament to the power of unity and the transformative potential of sport.

Paris Olympics 2024 Mascot Phryges

Paris Summer Olympics 2024 Mascot: Phryges

Phryges, pronounced as “fri-jee-uhs,” embody the essence of freedom, inclusivity, and the power of collective action for noble causes. These remarkable beings don Phrygian caps, adorned in a vibrant tricolor of red, white, and blue, proudly displaying the resplendent Paris 2024 logo across their chests. Their mischievous eyes come alive through the “cockade of France,” a beautiful ribbon knot, serving as a national ornament.

Among the vast Phryge family, the esteemed Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge emerge as the shining stars of Paris 2024. Over the next two years, their pivotal role will be to champion and promote the forthcoming Games, before warmly welcoming athletes to the grand stage of Paris 2024.

Julie Matikhine, Brand Director of Paris 2024, shares, “They are the central figures in a grand tribe, an integral part of the Phryge family. According to our narrative, they have existed for millennia, witnessing and participating in pivotal moments of French history.”

“Now, they have returned for this monumental event in France to spearhead a revolution through the medium of sports. Their mission is to demonstrate the transformative power of sports, how it can bring about profound societal change. It is a testament to the ideals of brotherhood, solidarity, and the limitless potential it holds for our society’s advancement.”


In the realm of the Paris Olympics 2024, the presence of Phryges as the official mascot adds an enchanting touch to the Games. Their role extends far beyond mere symbols; they serve as ambassadors of change, advocates for unity, and champions of the positive impact that sport can have on society. With their mischievous eyes and vibrant spirit, Phryges inspire us all to embrace the values of fraternity, solidarity, and growth as we eagerly await the arrival of the extraordinary sporting event that is Paris Olympics 2024.

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